An Important Native American Weapon – The Bow and Arrow

It is easy to picture Native American braves thundering across the plains on their horses, bows drawn. They would be in pursuit of a buffalo herd. Daring and swift, these men would use these simple implements to provide food for the tribe. It is all the more impressive when you realize how basic the tools that were available to make the bow and arrows. Using only flint implements, the Native American artisan would first shape a length of wood. Sinew would be used for the bow string. After the arrow shafts were formed, arrow heads of flint, wood, or bone were made. Regardless of the simplicity of the craft, bows of great elegance and beauty were made.

They were only able to make the bows themselves because only stone tools were available to Native American artisans,. Although composite bows are considered to be superior in performance to the self made bows, the Indian archer was still a match for anyone throughout the world. The excellent craftsmanship of Native American bows and arrows began from one piece of wood. It would have been chosen with care to make sure it was approximately the correct diameter. Only a minimum of detailing was possible due to the flint tools used to shape the bow.

Notches at the ends of the bow would hold the string in place. Sinew was the material of choice although sometimes plant fiber might be used for the string. Sinew is extremely strong and tough and was readily available from the animals they hunted. The design of the bow could be very simple and utilitarian, or it could be decorated. Feathers and fur were the favorite decorative items. Such was the strength of the bow and the skill of the hunter, that game of nearly any size could be brought down by one of these bows.

To bring this classic cultural item into your home today is easy. Any wall can be brightened and personalized with the addition of a Native American bows and arrows. Placing a bow and arrows over a fireplace will give a pleasing result. Decorating in a southwest style involves bringing various diverse elements together for a total look. You can bring the rest of the room into focus by adding a bow and arrows, or even several to form a collection,. It can be especially effective when combined with such items as horsehair pottery, a collection of rattles or dream catchers. Native American bows and arrows can contribute a masculine touch to a den or a boy’s bedroom.

Preparing Food Plot For Hunting Trophy Whitetail

Anyone who can reach the specific areas that are meant for private hunting can indulge into trophy whitetail hunting or trophy elk hunting. Both whitetail and elks are rare species of deer that fall prey to many hunters across the areas where they are found. One common technique for hunting or even fishing is luring the animal or fish with food. Thus, using food plots is considered among the common practices for hunting whitetails. Food plot is a type of crop that deer like to eat, but this doesn’t mean that it is easy to trap deer without proper experience. There are vital steps that are required to be carried out regarding agricultural attributes of food plot and that include proper planning and hard labor. Only adequate arrangements can result in trophy whitetail hunts. Trophy hunting requires special clothing and equipment such as bow and arrow or rifles. It is best to have camouflage clothing to blend in with the foliage.

In the first step of planning, you need to find out the right area where you can site the food plot. Locations close to water or where deer takes rest are definitely good choices. Usual places where deer finds food is not a bad option either. It is not enough to plant only one food plot, try planting more so that deer can get maximum dietary according to seasonal variety. You have to think about the convenient places where whitetail deer can come around.

Now, you have to consider about putting the food plot in order. There should not be any bushes in the plot and hence it is your first responsibility to clean up the shrubs, if any. Remember that the food plot can get affected by weeds and hence you need to make use of right herbicide, but do check its toxicity level. Now, you have to cut foliage and let it get dry.

Now, you have to deal with the planting process of the food plot. Get a seed drill and get prepared to cut the sod. You can also use a disc for the purpose. The sod must be untied properly by repeatedly crossing the plot. After that, it is now the time for plowing and here you will get good help from the untied sods. After plowing properly, the reversed sod and furrows are to be left for drying for seven day minimum. After a week, again you have to cut, but now, only the dried sod. After cutting, properly level the plot.

Finally, it is the time for planting food plots for deer. Crops, grass seed, clovers, rye, etc are some of favorites of deer. Spread the seed thoroughly with hand or by using spreader. After spreading the sees, cover them just a little bit so that deer gets a natural feeling. Best time to sow the food plots is spring and winter as they grow up as juicy greens that whitetails love.

This is one of the best techniques to deal with, before the hunting season arrives.

Italian – The Food of Love

What could be more romantic than a dinner for two, complete with candlelight and wine? When it comes to the food of love, Italian is one of the most common choices. But just where did this history and holiday originate from? And how can you make that romantic night even better? Here is how.

St. Valentine

While it would seem that Valentine’s Day, the day where the food of love is most often used, would have simple origins, it really is not that clear. There are at least three saints with the name Valentine or Valentinus in the Roman Catholic Church. Some legends suggest that a priest with the name married off soldiers despite a decree by Emperor Claudius II against marriage. When the emperor found out, he killed the priest.

Another legend suggests that Valentine sent the first message of love from prison. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, and Italian food often works its way into the celebration.

Cupid is also associated with love. Thought to be a cherub that shoots lovers with enchanted arrows, he is supposed to responsible for falling in love. In Italy, on Valentine’s Day unmarried women are to awake at sunrise and look out their window. The first man that passes should be their true love, and marriage should happen before the next year. Many couples still become engaged on Valentine’s Day.


Of course the legends of the holiday aside, many romantic traditions are steeped in the food of love. This may be partaking dinner at a favorite restaurant, or cooking their favorite food at home. Some people believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the thought of cooking a special meal takes this into consideration. And even if you do not believe it, cooking a meal with or for someone can show how much you care and appreciate them – especially if you are not the person that normally cooks. And if your cooking skills leaving something to be desired, consider getting takeout from your favorite Italian restaurant and having a romantic dinner for two at home.

Actual Foods Of Love

If you are looking for foods of love, here are some ingredients that you should include in your Italian cooking. They are thought to be natural aphrodisiacs.

o Allspice
o Asparagus
o Bananas
o Beans
o Broccoli
o Carrots
o Caviar
o Celery
o Champagne
o Chili
o Chocolate
o Cloves
o Coffee
o Dill
o Endive
o Fennel
o Figs
o Garlic
o Ginger
o Ginseng
o Grapes
o Horseradish
o Nutmeg
o Nuts
o Oysters
o Radishes
o Rosemary
o Saffron
o Shrimp
o Tomatoes
o Truffles
o Vanilla

So if you are creating your own menu for your romantic occasion, consider adding in some of these foods of love. You may even notice that many of these ingredients are commonly found in Italian food. Add in a bottle of wine or champagne, candles, and chocolate and you are ready for your own romantic evening for two.

From Arrows to Ghillie Suits: For a Perfect Hunting Experience

Hunting has been part of the human race since thousands of years ago. It began out of necessity, a prerequisite for food and nourishment and a task man couldn’t survive without. Later when man discovered domestication and agriculture, hunting still played a large role in early lives and only evolved from that point forth. Man started to use bows and arrows, then spears, then later on because of domestication, other animals even aided them during their hunt. At the present age, man had become so adept at the activity that he could kill an array of animals a man from the past could only dream of.

Man has gone a long way. When earlier men used wood and stone, the men of today use metal and plastic. Now there are numerous methods that a hunter can use to find his game and equally numerous choices of apparel he can utilize. One such example of the evolution of hunting gear is the ghillie suit. The suit is designed to camouflage the wearer by mimicking thick foliage. When prehistoric men used twigs and leaves from the ground to cover themselves, modern man designed a synthetic type of clothing one only needs to slip on to be camouflaged. Originally developed in Scotland, it is now used by militaries of different nations.

Yet in the present world filled with instant noodles and vending machines, it might be hard to believe that hunting is still being practiced today. Just as it was during the days of man’s prehistoric ancestors, hunting is still very much alive. But why? One might think there is no need, for the average man today does not spend his life constantly hustling through thick shrubbery and fearing for his safety each moment. Oh no, he spends it doing quite the opposite: sitting on a couch and surfing channels or doing paperwork at a cubicle in the office. Times have changed drastically. But what might come as a shock to any caveman who had to risk his life to get a meal thousands of years ago would be that now, modern man engages in that life risking activity for the mere fun of it. Yes, he now crawls through the undergrowth, wades in mud and smells like an animal because hunting is now regarded as a leisure activity.

Now one cannot be surprised that the word “game” is associated with hunting for a reason. To hunters, game is what they call what they are hunting, usually mammals or birds. The entire activity is much like a child’s game as well. There is a prize, and only through cunning, resourcefulness and skill will one be able to get it. The rush and adrenaline that was once a need born from desperation has now morphed into the thrill that hunters seek and relish.

However, like with any game, there are rules. And although it is the human race that carries the gun around this planet, it doesn’t mean brandishing it carelessly is acceptable. There are seasons when animals must be left in peace. There are animals that just cannot be hunted. And there are manners of killing game that cannot be tolerated, such as torture. Failure to play by the rules does not reflect skill, only deception and desperation. It is still a life that a hunter takes away, and there are many laws that attempt to balance the value of this life with that of the sport. It is the duty of the hunter to recognize this and to follow it wholeheartedly.