Top Ways to Enjoy Authentic Chinese Food in Singapore

Singapore is a country that will tempt your palate. The wide variety of restaurants in this country will satisfy the foodie in you serving you with scrumptious dishes. Chinese cuisine is one of the most preferred food varieties in the world and Singapore is one of the best places to enjoy it in the best manner. You might argue that authentic Chinese dishes are available only in China. This is however not true. There are plenty of restaurants in Singapore that serve authentic Chinese food in Singapore, the same way it is delivered in the mainland of China. Chefs are flown in from the home country to cook food in the traditional manner. Here are the best ways to enjoy Chinese food while you are in Singapore.

You can find plenty of restaurants in different parts of the country. There are authentic restaurants serving Chinese cuisine and these are the places that you should look out for in the country. The authentic restaurants serve schezwan dishes and noodles, chow mein and zhajiangmian. Another way of identifying the authenticity of a restaurant is by checking the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Let us take a look at the habitual food that the Chinese eat. This will help you to identify authentic Chines restaurants in the country.


The Chinese people love rice porridge and mild side dishes. They do not eat heavy side dishes for breakfast and sometimes they have just plain rice too. The breakfast section of the menu of a traditional Chinese restaurant will contain dishes that are less spicy. They like to drink milk along with their food. They also love soymilk and hence look for these options in the menu. Plain rolls are also a traditional breakfast option. Sweet bread that is fried deep is also a Chinese breakfast delicacy.


The bird’s nest soup is one of the most popular variants of starters. Not all restaurants serve you with this type of soup. Hence, if you spot this name in the menu, you can make sure that the restaurant you have stepped in serves food in the traditional Chinese way. The lunch menu usually includes rice as main course. The side dishes usually contain pork and vegetable delicacies. Noodles are also a preferred option for lunch. Abalone and crab is also favored along with the rice and noodles.


Most of you prefer Chinese food for dinner. This is generally because most people enjoy their meal the most during the evening hours, especially while on a vacation. Hence, you would want the best Chinese food in Singapore for dinner. A Chinese meal would be incomplete without the inclusion of soup. They include different varieties of soups for dinner. It includes sweet corn chicken soup, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken and many other variants. The Chinese include rice even for their dinner. If you are not a great fan of rice, you can choose to dine on noodles. Pork, chicken, sea food and scrambled eggs are the preferred side dishes for dinner.

Look for these options in the menu to make sure that the restaurant is serving authentic Chinese cuisine. There are many restaurants in the country that serve the traditional Chinese delicacies. Singapore is one country where you can enjoy the real taste of China without sending too much of money.